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Welcome to the online food safety for school gardens training. School gardens can be important elements of student learning about the food they eat. Food safety with fresh produce has been an increasing concern in recent years. This online training is meant to educate students and their instructors on safe food production handling through the identification of biological, physical, and chemical hazards within the garden.

Through this video you will learn different prevention strategies to reduce risks from occurring. Quizzes will be given at the end of each section of the video to test your knowledge on each area of produce food safety. Additional activities and case studies are provided on the website to assist with further identifying hazards associated with fresh produce. A resource manual is also available on the website to guide the instructors of school gardens on more in-depth information.

Please note that instructors of school gardens should complete a full length Nationally Approved Good Agricultural Practices Short course training to be fully knowledgeable about how to minimize food safety risks within the garden.

If you have further questions about this training, please e-mail Angela Shaw at, or contact by phone at (515) 294-0868.


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