Farmers' Market Food Safety Training

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For technical assistance M-F, 8am – 5pm Central time, call 515-294-8658.

What is the training?

Four online modules have been designed to provide science-based information on safe food production and handling specific to farmers' markets, with a focus on specialty foods and good agricultural practices (GAP).  To access the videos, use the above link "Click Here to Register Now."  

  1. Pre-Harvest (40 minutes)
    GAP implementation prior to harvest that will mitigate food safety risks that can devastate a farm business.
  2. Post-Harvest (39 minutes)
    GAP from harvest to sales of your product.
  3. Marketing and Best Practices at the Market (35 minutes)
    Promotion and communication of your food safety efforts, including sampling methods, will increase profits and awareness of best practices at the market.
  4. Value Added Products (69 minutes)
    Best food safety practices for value-added products will provide assurance regulations are met.

​​What to Expect...

  • No cost (FREE)
  • Take one or all four modules
  • Learn at your own pace (you do not need to complete a module in one sitting)
  • Convenient online training, 24 hours/7 days a week, without leaving the farm
  • On-farm food safety and marketing training by Iowa State University
  • Identification of resources to help ensure safe sale of foods
  • Internet connection is required

At the conclusion of all four courses, participants receive a Certificate of Completion suitable to display at their vendor's booth or market stall.

Who should complete?

The intended audience is Farmers Market Managers and Farmers Market Vendors.

Why should vendors attend?

Vendors are important to the successful and safe operation of farmers' markets. Farmers and growers taking these courses will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate their commitment to customers
  • Show food safety is a priority
  • Provide safe farm-to-market food
  • Implement food safety practices



Why should managers attend?

If you are thinking about establishing a farmers' market in your community, or if you are overwhelmed with the logistics of managing a market, you've come to the right place. This series of courses offers expert advice on:

  • Good business practices
  • Educating vendors on food safety practices from farm to market
  • Strategies and best practices to reduce health liability risks
  • Successful market promotion
  • Quality vendor recruitment
  • Reasonable precautions for food safety

This course is not a substitute for the full 8 hour GAP course that is recommended for farmers serving multiple venues and farmers market managers.


ISU Extension and Outreach has several publications to offer safety guidance for growers and processors.  Download the FREE pdf's for Farmers Markets and Community Supported Agriculture.